Make your passion your work.



Make your passion your work.


PintMedia Ltd is a UK company that does what it's owners think is interesting, fulfilling, exciting, intriguing, profitable, not profitable, new, decent...

Our Brands & Ventures:

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Nearshore virtual assistant services and business consultancy for UK and UK small business.  

The Fast Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

This is Thomas Smallwood's first book based on his personal experience of finding, hiring and working with Virtual Assistants.


ESA Gaming (Shareholder)

A casino gaming content aggregator and poker network, focussed primarily on the Italian regulated igaming industry.

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The Armchair MountaineeR (OWner)

Redesigning Life to be more Adventurous and Satisfying. This is the web site and blog of PintMedia founder; Thomas Smallwood


PintMedia Ltd
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